Corrigan-Camden ISD

Corrigan-Camden Independent School District


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Software We Use

This is just a small sampling of the software we use at Corrigan-Camden ISD.  Most of it is free and I have included a link where you can download it for yourself.

Foxit Reader - Is a great alternative to Adobe Reader.  I believe its faster too.  Oh and for personal use its free.

Google Docs - has basically the full office suit for free.  Use your school email or create a gmail to use.

Audacity - is an excellent open source audio editing program.

Avast Antivirus -  We use avast enterprise for education, its free for us.  You can download the home version to use personally.

GIMP -  the GNU Image Manipulation Program is an excellent alternative to photoshop.

VLC - this will play just about any file type you could imagine.  Use this if you can't get anything else to play your movie.

LibreOffice - This is a full Office Suite.   You can use this if you don't want to pay for Microsoft Office.